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Alfonso Cruz - Film-Editor & Visual Artist, Lives and works in Barcelona. Bio: Interdisciplinary artist from Barcelona who works with film and video in experimental mode. By combining practical experience with academic, one could say that is a creator of moving pictures. He is primarily interested in film as a personal diary, and the exploration of philosophical concepts such as feeling, emotion or mental experience, which translates into a conscious experience through visual representation.


- Cinematografía
- Edición y post-producción de video (HD - 4K)
- Audiovisuales
- Comerciales
- Formatos de TV
- Documentales
- Institucionales
- Video Clips
-Arte Visual


My professional activity in recent years has been about filmmaking and postproduction editing. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work for some producers and also to participate in different projects freelance concept: film, documentary, music video, institutional videos.

From the technical point of view, I dominate most existing professional editing programs and postproduction.

2012_Direction of photography. Cine Activo–Escuela de Cine (Barcelona)
2011-2012_Film editing. Estudio de Cine-Escuela de Cine Digital (Barcelona)
2009_Film theory and history. Estudio de Cine-Escuela de Cine Digital (Barcelona)
2009_Final Cut Studio. Estudio de Cine-Escuela de Cine Digital (Barcelona)
2006_Web and graphic design. Academia Seeway (Barcelona)
2000-2005_Fine arts. Escola d’Art (Barcelona).
2005_Digital phography. Can Basté (Barcelona)
2003_Digital Photo retouching. Academia Staf (Barcelona)
2002_”Stage design project”. Institut del Teatre (Barcelona)
2001_”Science and object”. Escola d’Art (Barcelona)
2001_Stage design. Escola d’Art (Barcelona)
2000-2002_ Processes of artistic creation. Escola d’Art (Barcelona)
2000_”Art and thinking”. Escola d’Art (Barcelona)

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